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In the depths of my being, a strange certainty, deeper than reason, entirely animal in quality, filled me with terror. The same certainty which some beasts-sheep and rats feel before an earthquake. Awakening in me was the soul of the first men on Earth, such as it was before it became totally detached from the universe, when it still felt the truth directly, without the distorting influence of reason- The 'Boss', Zorba the Greek

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yes, I am back home. Trying to be invisible is not easy as the Fantastic Four make it out to be. You get sniffed out here- they come and crawl into all the little spaces you thought were your own. If they had a choice or the chance they would come and become a part of you. "Where are you?", "What are you doing?", "Who are you with?", "Where did you go?", "Are you coming out tonight?" no no forget the question, "We are going out tonight.", "We are coming over." 
We are coming to crawl under your skin- we are you. You are me. 

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