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In the depths of my being, a strange certainty, deeper than reason, entirely animal in quality, filled me with terror. The same certainty which some beasts-sheep and rats feel before an earthquake. Awakening in me was the soul of the first men on Earth, such as it was before it became totally detached from the universe, when it still felt the truth directly, without the distorting influence of reason- The 'Boss', Zorba the Greek

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Days

On a happier note- the month of weddings has begun and what better way to begin it than with your brother's wedding?

The crew has arrived, the celebrations have begun and my heart is happy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Race

On your marks...
Get set..

She takes off , sprinting, *puff puff*. Passes one person, the next, and another..She is going to come first-she KNOWS it..She laughs to herself..She knew this would be easy but this is ridiculous. No competition.

What if they are just letting her pass them so she gets tired? What if this is a fix up? What if winning isn't the greatest thing?
Over analysis... She's slowed down and she doesn't even know it. What if? What if?

She's walking now...The finish point looks so far away. She stops. She sits down.

Everyone has passed her by and she is sitting and wondering, "What if..."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ladie's night turns ugly..

I just found this- I had written it about a month ago and decided to post it here.So here goes.

A week has passed since the accident. Things could have been worse- terrible actually. What was a fun night- drinking and meeting up with old buddies- a regular night out could've been a night blackmarked forever. I thought I was fine,driving my car- but I wasn't.Driving at 20 kmph with a friend hanging out the window is not exactly a good sign. I thought I was collected- but isn't that the case always.
Anyhow, I wasn't in the car of the accident-but I need to mention how responsible I felt/feel being part of the convoy and allowing my friend to drive home like that. It's only been about 3 months since a terrible car crash rocked our little town senseless. Three boys died, one was someone I had grown up with -the other two -aquaintances.Cause of death- accident. Cause of accident- drinking and driving.
This is what happened- we are done at the bar and decide to go to a place close by to get a snack. While one friend is on the phone with his gf and the other is throwing up in the loo- two of us devour whatever food was ordered , get the bill and leave.The boys are supposed to follow us home- I got home but theres no sign of the boys. Seconds into driving into my drive way I get a phone call, 'We've had an accident, a bad one.....We're ok though.'
I need to see it to believe it- they ARE ok, but the car isn't. After flipping it over twice, landing sideways- I didn't expect it to be. But I didn't expect them to walk out with just a gash each, either.
We were all lucky that night- to walk out alive. I was meant to be in that car with them. Last minute decision to take my own.
Drinking and driving is the WORST thing to take chances with. I've always been sticky about it- won't let my brother drive home from a party, I won't drink if I have to drive. Always, except this one time.
Don't make exception-its definitely not worth it.
Take a cab.

P.S. The driver of the car says he wasn't drunk and his 'stupidity' was the root cause of the accident. So typical of him- to blame it on his genes. I partially believe him,but think alcohol most def. played a part too. So, like I said- take a cab. (regardless of your I.Q. level)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Space, time and everything in between


Somewhere in space there must be people
Who are born in love and grow in its fullness
Blending truth, beauty and goodness
In the effortless practice of love and kindness,
Devoid of pride, fear and pettiness,
Untouched by lusts of greed and power:
Defying decay, pain and suffering
By expressing the self in joy of acceptance.

Somewhere in time there must be people
Who can transcend the human condition,
Casting away its frailties and confusion.
Mastering the self with near perfection-
Yet retaining utter humility-
Nurtured by the power of compassion.
Burning with the zest of life.
Poised in still centre of action.

Inside my heart there are such people :
Glimpsed here and there in far flung space,
Emerging from the flux of time,
Created in sweet fancy's flame.
They are the best of my treasures,
Strong sources of my life's sustenance,
Companions of my dreary hours-
Dear radiant friends who can never fade :

I bless these souls and bless myself,
And ask of the gods that be
To grant such shrines of love and beauty
To the lonely hearts wherever they be!

~Author Unknown~

For those who don't realise how they transcend every definition of beauty and greatness.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Male-Bashing I

Yesterday, I came the closest to a stun gun than I'd ever been. WOW! I wanted to steal it- thoughts of how much I would use it and what fun I would have with it came rushing to me. No, no, not to zap anyone I knew but for those little pricks which have only multiplied by the hundreds in the last couple of years.

Walking in C'garh was never a problem, I never gave a thought to it. It could be late in the afternoon, evening, night time , whenever and I would just walk out and carry on doing what I was doing. Lately, though, with the number of 'shady' cars steadily increasing, I got to admit, I think and ponder over going out. Let me define 'shady' cars- they can have one or all of the following things for it to fall in the category aforementioned- tints, shiny alloys, blue flashing lights under the car(Fast & Furious wannabes), blaring music (terrible sound systems listening to VENGABOYS-hello! that is so 1994), HR numbers, PB numbers, being on the geri, bling bling earrings flashing at you from a mile away, DECENT GUYS/ HARDY BOYS/DON'T HUNT WHat YOU CANT KILL or the likes written on their windscreens, slowing down at the sight of any woman- old,young,bald, fat,thin, ugly, veiled, long as it's a woman. This list could go on forever and ever,but I'm going to stop. No need to paint a very obvious picture.

Right, that said , what can be done about it? To bring C'garh back to its one time happy, safe city reputation? How do we keep the City beautiful,beautiful? Take a picture of the culprits- note down their car numbers, report them, wait for them to be approached by the cops and then them denying it was them (blaming it on their driver's is one excuse I have come across) , paying the cops , naming names , basically finding any way to get out of it. Then, going to the accuser's house and smashing their car's windscreen or something stupid like that. What purpose does that serve? At the end of the day, our ten year old nieces/sisters etc can't cycle around the block without encountering some sleaze or the other.

So then, what do we do? I know! Take a stun gun- stun 'em and beat them to a pulp. Or better still- get a gun and SHOOT! Ermm..don't quote me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Malai vs me

I hate malai...
Look at it sitting there, staring at me, wrinkling up and floating..visible yet transparent...Playing a deceiving game with me..Take a sip of the coffee-come on, *slurp*- aaaa thooo! Malai! Stuck to your lips-not really in your mouth ,not really hanging out. One word to describe it- GROSS!
I need to conquer it- I get a spoon , fish it out, put the spoon on the side. I get distracted, when I look after a couple of minutes- there it is again. The island of malai staring at me, laughing if it could.
I reach for the spoon and see it encrusted with dried malai on it- I dip that back in my coffee, I lose.
What to do I do? Walk to the kitchen- too lazy. Shout on to someone- ha,no. So I dip a finger in and out it comes, semi-attached to my finger. Eee! I shudder. The kind of shudder when you touch a chipkali by mistake. Shhhh...uuu...dddder!
I win.
I pick up the cup, bring it to my lips, ready to take a victory sip and there I see it...bits of it floating around...
I won't give up so easily!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Should I?

Cheat on livejournal and start blogging here? Livejournal -whos been so faithful and loyal to me . Can I just turn my back and destroy my lj relationship!
I dont know-Im tempted.