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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ladie's night turns ugly..

I just found this- I had written it about a month ago and decided to post it here.So here goes.

A week has passed since the accident. Things could have been worse- terrible actually. What was a fun night- drinking and meeting up with old buddies- a regular night out could've been a night blackmarked forever. I thought I was fine,driving my car- but I wasn't.Driving at 20 kmph with a friend hanging out the window is not exactly a good sign. I thought I was collected- but isn't that the case always.
Anyhow, I wasn't in the car of the accident-but I need to mention how responsible I felt/feel being part of the convoy and allowing my friend to drive home like that. It's only been about 3 months since a terrible car crash rocked our little town senseless. Three boys died, one was someone I had grown up with -the other two -aquaintances.Cause of death- accident. Cause of accident- drinking and driving.
This is what happened- we are done at the bar and decide to go to a place close by to get a snack. While one friend is on the phone with his gf and the other is throwing up in the loo- two of us devour whatever food was ordered , get the bill and leave.The boys are supposed to follow us home- I got home but theres no sign of the boys. Seconds into driving into my drive way I get a phone call, 'We've had an accident, a bad one.....We're ok though.'
I need to see it to believe it- they ARE ok, but the car isn't. After flipping it over twice, landing sideways- I didn't expect it to be. But I didn't expect them to walk out with just a gash each, either.
We were all lucky that night- to walk out alive. I was meant to be in that car with them. Last minute decision to take my own.
Drinking and driving is the WORST thing to take chances with. I've always been sticky about it- won't let my brother drive home from a party, I won't drink if I have to drive. Always, except this one time.
Don't make exception-its definitely not worth it.
Take a cab.

P.S. The driver of the car says he wasn't drunk and his 'stupidity' was the root cause of the accident. So typical of him- to blame it on his genes. I partially believe him,but think alcohol most def. played a part too. So, like I said- take a cab. (regardless of your I.Q. level)


Nyx said...

People should read this.

Wonderwall said...

I wish they would read it and then do something about it!