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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Male-Bashing I

Yesterday, I came the closest to a stun gun than I'd ever been. WOW! I wanted to steal it- thoughts of how much I would use it and what fun I would have with it came rushing to me. No, no, not to zap anyone I knew but for those little pricks which have only multiplied by the hundreds in the last couple of years.

Walking in C'garh was never a problem, I never gave a thought to it. It could be late in the afternoon, evening, night time , whenever and I would just walk out and carry on doing what I was doing. Lately, though, with the number of 'shady' cars steadily increasing, I got to admit, I think and ponder over going out. Let me define 'shady' cars- they can have one or all of the following things for it to fall in the category aforementioned- tints, shiny alloys, blue flashing lights under the car(Fast & Furious wannabes), blaring music (terrible sound systems listening to VENGABOYS-hello! that is so 1994), HR numbers, PB numbers, being on the geri, bling bling earrings flashing at you from a mile away, DECENT GUYS/ HARDY BOYS/DON'T HUNT WHat YOU CANT KILL or the likes written on their windscreens, slowing down at the sight of any woman- old,young,bald, fat,thin, ugly, veiled, long as it's a woman. This list could go on forever and ever,but I'm going to stop. No need to paint a very obvious picture.

Right, that said , what can be done about it? To bring C'garh back to its one time happy, safe city reputation? How do we keep the City beautiful,beautiful? Take a picture of the culprits- note down their car numbers, report them, wait for them to be approached by the cops and then them denying it was them (blaming it on their driver's is one excuse I have come across) , paying the cops , naming names , basically finding any way to get out of it. Then, going to the accuser's house and smashing their car's windscreen or something stupid like that. What purpose does that serve? At the end of the day, our ten year old nieces/sisters etc can't cycle around the block without encountering some sleaze or the other.

So then, what do we do? I know! Take a stun gun- stun 'em and beat them to a pulp. Or better still- get a gun and SHOOT! Ermm..don't quote me.


Crimson Feet said...

i have lived in chandigarh for 4 years!! but that was from 99 to 02...

(freak.. i didnt even realise untill i wrote this... its been FIVE years... and seems like yestrday!)

...gedi was always "accepted" by girls i guess... i may be wrong.. also..what u r describing is so "delhi!!"

still... this phenomena is rampant and its such a pain!! ...feel disgusted by such guys!

but trust me, dont shoot... mostly they are harmless (read ball less) and a "stun gun" shall suffice :)

Naseeb said...

Chandigarh has changed a tremendous amount in the last 5 years.
It is accepted but there is, well was an unwritten code of conduct people (read boys) followed. They stared and maybe followed, but now they are shameless. They have grown pinenuts if not balls.It's really getting worse day by day.
And yes,it is also so "delhi" -and Delhi is scarier because it's bigger and badder. Had my share of fun and games there too.
I just never wanted to see Chandigarh go that way.
Hence,the urge to shoot and eliminate!

stuti said...

I had heard of chandighar as a gud(as u cal it..beautiful) u r rite wen u say delhi is badder...
n i hav to admit..cyclin cud b so much fun..had i been a boy!!
i wud jus say,..Ignore..till u get a gun to shoot!! :)